martedì 2 aprile 2013

Faces….more than portraits.

Glances...more than eyes.

Smiles...more than mouths.

Sparkling colour transparencies...more than abstract paintings.

Clelia's thousand and one facets...more than characters.

"Her" mirrors...more than artworks.

Clelia succeeds in giving each of her productions as much affection as impulsiveness, as much strength as control. Because she is energy and vitality.
Full expressions, marked and convincing, occupy very wide and expansive spaces that require to be firmly and safely recognized. And they are looking for a space to exist and be accepted in full together with their founder.
Entire and harmonious convincing lines conjugate themselves in protagonists in face of us, contemplating ourselves, willing to face the world, today and here, to make us meet perceptions we cannot escape... Curious escopic game where the limit to know who is looking at whom gets lost... Is the spectator watching the works... or are the works watching us?
Light, motions, transparencies, volatile structures combine themselves in warm diagonal lines and female undulations expressing spontaneity and extroverted ardent feeling.
Imprints full of matter in the conviction of a passion that sometimes overwhelms and breaks prohibitions. Accompanied by the vigour and the power of their painter, who takes care of the present and is interested in binding herself to the other starting from her creativeness and audacity in the attempt to conquer the public.
Complementary colours, limpid and overwhelming, light up abundantly factions imposing themselves in an impetuous and sincere presence.
Emotional sensitiveness that sometimes hurls and sometimes requires to be thought.
Dynamic fluctuations to meet an anchorage that inevitably dances at an energetic and vital rhythm, which doesn't much respect the imperious limits of the rules. Because Clelia has the flavour of borderlines, but she does not always accepts them. She prefers to be the whirl.
Dimensions that are worked out in layers, lighting up backgrounds and plots simply evoking depth, distances and a particular shape to see reality... impregnated with emotions.
Tenderness and ethereal elements live together with fury and courage, oscillating from coming and going to end up with imposing themselves in front of the frankness of a susceptible and perceptive artist.
Clelia looks for the margins and goes beyond them with a charming ductility and femininity.
Clelia engages with her vital energy, with an enveloping power and an unconditioned strength. Her ideas swarm and wish to get real in art.
Clelia looks for contact, is conscious of her ideals and flows diffusely into each corner of her canvasses with vehemence and frenzy. Clelia embraces the space, with "her" presence.
... And those half open lips subdue, with light smiles that want to say...
... And those penetrating and contemplative glances stare...
... And those thin necks rise, proud of showing faces inviting to be bound to those who are watching them, looking for the present, living the moment... like Clelia who lives giving priority to her topicality and her honesty.
Meticulously worked insinuations in each of her traits, in each of the objects accompanying her creations.
Controlled seduction, which is not going to break eroticism and even this way it generates sensuality.
Rounded physiognomies, with a great aesthetic sense passing through the frame as if they were dancing at the rhythm of the beats of her heart.
Clelia does, feels, gets emotions and, sometimes, thinks. And she succeeds in harmonising dynamically here troubles inner world, submitting it to her premises. She is the mistress of her rules.
Vitality emanating from each fibre and in every stroke.
Air oxygenating each millimetre of her abstractions, with colour shades saturating and lighting up to give curly and voluminous effects.
Stylized, independent, frank figures, thirsting for existence. Eyes, noses, mouths and eyebrows sketched with generosity to guarantee immoderation.
Vertical levels rising up to reach the pint in which Clelia can and want to fly, to feel free and be the founder of her own rules.
Imprints full of autonomy that get real in each creation and explode as a passionate outburst.
Clelia chooses to adorn her creations going beyond a collage and beyond a mixed technique. Because each pendant, each necklace, each buckle or jewel she chooses for her characters bears her own mark, as a signature testifying her birth and identity. This way she takes care of them, she makes them parties of her crossings.
Clelia may have added a kilo of life or a halo of her spirit to each touch of the brush, and in each image a spark of herself is reflected... but it will only be in the convergence of the meeting with her compositions that we discover the enigmatic impetuosity, vigour and nobility of her protagonists.
When Clelia is concluding her works, in a corner of her workshop... she is certainly blowing her breath on them, to give them a piece of her soul as a gift and pass on the charm of her life. It will only be enough to go over them again to be able to discover where her soul and her being are and simply be subdued in front of them.

Lic. Adriana Pérez Pontieri
M.N. 9726
October 2011- Buenos Aires – Argentina

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